lunes, septiembre 13, 2010

Nuevo servicio de Soporte en Línea

¿Sabías que puedes chatear con un representante de servicio al cliente de Agel en horas de oficina con tan solo dar clic en un enlace?

Usted querrá guardar este enlace, ya que usted puede encontrar en el Chat en línea con Atención al cliente Agel la manera más conveniente de obtener respuestas a sus preguntas y ayudarle con cualquier problema que pueda tener con sus productos de Agel, el negocio, o cuenta.

También te darás cuenta de que un enlace a la línea de atención al cliente Agel llamada “Chatea ahora” aparecerá en la parte inferior de todos los correos oficiales de la compañía.

miércoles, agosto 19, 2009

iDiscover Me

Am I supposed exactly the way I am? Sometimes I found it really difficult. But most of the time I fall into a infinite abyss of questions about the real me. Who am I supposed to be? The answer to this can solve any men lives. Although it can also destroy some, as in my case I being torn apparte in this constant battle of not knowing who is Jorge Poveda.

It gets more difficult as time goes on. After all when you have accomplished things it is harder to come back to the point where you had nothing and you could start all over again. Existentialism. What a word. Human beings are on the journey to discover who we are and where we are going. The purpose of many peoples life is blurry. I consider myself as a wanderer, a person that keeps wlaking again and again searching my purpose. Is it that every man needs a purpose or a goal in their life?

I do not the way I will find it. I do not even know if there is one. I hope there is one and I find it soon. I believe that this kind of things can also affect people that loves us. But sometimes it gets so hard. The mind is a mysterious force inside every one, in my case it drags me into a series of question that had made lose the confidence in myself and has made me a wanderer.

Can I find someday my path, my purpose? However I feel lucky to have lots of the only fuel that makes a man keep fighting, love.

viernes, agosto 14, 2009

Life University

I am going for a short post today. A wise man just taught me that when you are hoping to develop a new ability or tolerance to something the Life University puts in front of us the situations we need to practice and learn this tolerance to something. I think about that and I think it is true. How else can we develop an ability that by experience. When life puts an obstacle in our way, it is made for make us jump higher. I think it is a very good advice. The catch is that we identify the test and enjoy it. After all if we succeed then we will get a life degree. Maybe it does not sound as funny for you as it does for me but believe me it is funny ti think about it. I hope you enjoy the tests to come, it is very important that we take them with patience and humility. So lets enjoy lessons of the LIFE UNIVERSITY. I think I had a friend that was working on her class schedules.

No Ideas

Lately I have been having one of those writers block. It have been extremely difficult to find a way to create new ideas. At the beginning when I started the blog I thought it would be easy to have a new idea everyday. I mean at least something to write about. I have managed to learn that it is actually quite difficult to have an idea for 360 consecutive days. Or is it possible? I expected that with practice my mind will start to create new ideas or things to write about, but it certainly have not happened.

How does great writers do it? Just think about the people that write stories for soap operas or TV series. I mean, they always need new ideas, and those new ideas have to become a credible script and they have to develop further stories that link to the previous ones. How do they do it? Is there a magical or mystical way that I am not aware of? Or is it that I do not possess the ability to write? This is something I really enjoy but I guess my mind has a lack of creativeness that only true writers develop and possess.

I wonder if this is a sign that I have to forget about my desire, my "dream", to become a professional writer. The ideas sometimes seem to be so far away, they stay as black blurs in my head, dazzling inside. Maybe I do not even have nothing to write about. It is hard when we have to face the reality and turn over the things we like to do just because we are not good at it. People tend to think that if we really like doing something then we are perfect for the task. I do not see it that way, since sometimes if we got no talent, then we are not good for the task and it does not matter if we really enjoy doing it.

My advice here will be to start thinking what we are good for and that we enjoy doing. And do not become passionate about something you like, because once in a while you will find out that you are not able to perform it.

martes, agosto 11, 2009


We should start wondering, what is a comic? A comic book is a series of illustrations that form a story in some cases with or without text. The story is counted sequentially. Scott McCloud, essayist and comic theoretical defined as: "juxtaposed illustrations and other images in sequence with the purpose of transmitting information or obtain a response from the reader". Now that we know what is a comic book we can understand that a comic book as such is not more than a format to distribute and publish a comic. This publication method is very used in the United States.

However, in its early days the comic was not recognized as an art form, but as a sub-product that was used for different kind of social studies. Despite this, the comic books were claimed in the 60's and are today recognized as the ninth art, thanks to the influence that took from the cinema and literature. We must also begin to realise the comic books have gone out the paper and they have been part of advertising, fashion and obviously cinema.

We can now begin to see comic book by its importance as a literary genre. It is clear that today comics are widely used in various media narrative means. The great advantage that has is that it has an excellent flexibility to tell stories of all kinds, from science fiction, horror, romance, western.

Comic book started to become more of a valid genre during the early 1980s, when the way to use the comic as narracion gave a great leap with authors like Alan Moore and Frank Miller. From these two authors the comic gave a 360º turn and became a genre much more seriously and stopped being regarded lightly.

The time of increased recognition of comic books was when in 1986 Art Spiegelman wins a pulitzer Prize for his Maus work. Is in that moment that the comic begins to be recognised as an excellent literary narrative genre and begins to be looked not only as a book for children but also for adults. This was the birth of what is today known as the graphic novel. This latest achievement capture the attention of a public more mature by their stories in such a way that many newspapers began to use the phrase: "the comics are no longer just for children". A clear example of the success that took the comic books was in the mid 80's when Batman: The Dark Knight Returns of Frank Miller maintained for 40 weeks as the most sold book in the lists of books of U.K.

It is amazing as this genre already is coming to a century of existence and has taken a greater role in the past few years. It evolved from a simple product for children to be considered an art. And today is recognized as a successful literary genre that can communicate through varied kinds of stories. The comic books have to give much more, and slowly it has integrated with other media such as advertising which makes them a real successful literary genre.

lunes, agosto 10, 2009

Migration and Changes

This week I have been thinking about the wars that finally concluded with the freedom of the British and Spanish colonies in the so-called Americas. Nearly 250 years ago the United States started with their campaign against the British monarchy. Also in South America, exactly 200 years ago the first independence shout, so they say, was claimed.

My point here is the lack of overcoming that South America presents nowadays. The entire world have seen how North America has developed in the last century and how important has been their participation in the world events of the modern age. But in the other side, South America have stayed still, rotting between their fights for political power, blaming the world and the United States for all their problems. This is the evil consuming a vast continent with great possibilities. Only Brazil, maybe Argentina and Chile can say that they have tried to evolve into better countries. The root of South America problems comes when this false "politicians of change" come to promise a better life to the people of their countries in a way to gain more and more power. I hope we all know who this liars are.

The funny part of this is that when it comes to migration south americans always complain about the hard laws that other countries, specially europeans, have against migration. If we think back in time, did not we throw away these same people that now we look for. South America blames them for not letting their people get in their countries but I think they have forgotten that centuries ago we decided that we did not need them anymore. I hope people start thinking this over, the secret is not escaping to the troubles our countries have to face. Instead we have to look for solutions and choose wisely when the time to pick our leaders come since it is them who have the knowledge to take us back to the first world. Migration is not the solution. South America have to start the new change without these unscrupulous politicians that are only in search of power. But this change is not only in politics, we have to start thinking in our culture, our customs.

If we really want to believe in the change, then why don't we work for it?

viernes, agosto 07, 2009

Everyone's Truth

Is funny, yesterday I had the perfect picture about the things I wanted to do. Today I have nothing. It is really strange how human mind works. From day to day new ideas pass by, we take some of them and transform them into the truth we want to believe in that moment. Then a single second thought gets into your mind and what you believed was your truth becomes a blurry and obsolete passed idea. And when that happens our internal world collides and we wander inside our thoughts searching for a new truth.

I had my truth, or at least I believed I had it. Now a simple thought washed it away my mind. What happened, I asked myself. Well, I found out that I was not up to that idealistic thing that gave some reason to my life. The colors, the moral, the code, the rules. All of that, I was not able to follow. This idea of being above, of tryig to be better, it all fall down when I discovered I can not be better. And now I wander in my thoughts without a conviction to follow. I lost the track of the man of tomorrow. Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow? That is the question that wanders through my mind.

Is there a possibility that I could have a last glimpse of this amazing ideal? This vision of me being better, something that I desire. To leave behind anything that attaches me to the behaviours that I not longer wish to possess. I hope I can have that glimpse and find myself. I know that everytime I do something that goes against my ideal it is not actually me. I want to be myself. I want to find myself. Find what binds me to this world and the task I have. For now I can only say how happy I was everytime this truth of mine enlighted me. If I find it again and really hold it tight I know I will start becoming more and more a man of tomorrow which no matter what, will always be my dream.