viernes, julio 24, 2009

Daily Space First Issue

Introducing my first blog ever and the beginning of my writer's dream, I hope.

My whole life I've asked myself about the possible talents I had. For a while I thought that they did not exist. Then I look behind and remembered how much I like to tell the things I create within my mind or give my opinion about a topic of interest. Even journalism looks attractive to me. But, I have to admit that it took a long a time for me to have the guts to start writing. Well here I am starting my own blog.

I will post regularly about news or world events I can report. I know it is not actually writing but at least is a beginning and I do not see anything boring about working as journalist. It is not that I am actually a journalist; I do not have the degree. This exercise will help me improve in my goal of becoming a writer. As my country is not a first world country the media and information will not be truly accurate but thanks to Internet I will always try to have good sources. Once in a while I will post an own story.

Hope you like my style and found something interesting.