jueves, agosto 06, 2009

Bus Crash!

This morning, downtown Guayaquil experienced an unexpected accident when a bus of the CTG (organism that controls the city's traffic) crashed against a building. The accident occurred around 6 or 7 AM. The bus, crashed against a restaurant in the corner of the streets Colón and Boyacá as was reported by a witness of the accident.

The accident took place when the bus tried to avoid a car, that was presumably driving in wrong sense. Inside the car were traveling three persons and one of them, a woman, resulted with an injury. The woman was transported to a near hospital where she was immediately attended. This facts were confirmed by the local FM radio signal 89.3 Citynoticias. As a result of the accident the CTG had to stop the cars circling the zone. The operatives to recover the damaged bus are taken place but they have been delayed since the local authorities are afraid of making more damage to the building. Some heavy machine has been working on the site. Fortunately nobody inside the building was injured.

Is this something to make conscience. After all the the accident was produced by the people who tries to prevent them. Is it really a fault of the small car that was presumably in the wrong sense? Or should we suspect a mistake of the CTG driver? We all hope that our answers be replied with the truth. Now we will have to wait for answers. Luckily there were no casualties but we should not wait for them to start taking measures.

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