miércoles, agosto 05, 2009

New Winds

A new week starts and with it comes a wind of change. It is not actually a different or special week, it is the typical one, but does this mean it can not be out of the ordinary?

I think that with every new day, every new Monday we have, is an opportunity to have a variation in our way to act or in our standard manners. Sometimes we get so used to the routine that we think it is actually a normal thing to repeat over and over the same things.

But today can be different, if you want to. We could start by thinking in all the things we liked when we were children. It is a fact that most of the things you did as a child are the actual things we will enjoy doing. So it can be a good start by thinking on all the things we did in our childhood and try to do at least one of those things so we can remember how it felt and enjoy it.

Although the change I am talking about is not a change of the routine. We have to start standing against the threats that menace our way of living. I was recently robbed on a public bus and I could not believe that nobody tried to help. Tomorrow it could be someone else. It is time to start making concience on the problems our people and our planet has to face.

All mankind hopes that there will be one day when we will not have to worry about crime, war, disease or hunger. But it is not only a matter of standing still watching how life pass by. We are not in this world to be spectators of the things that surround us. So it is time for us to start making the change, a change that we all can believe in. Quoting John Lennon: “Imagine all the people, living all in peace”, lets pray for this line becomes an emblem for future generations and we can reach the pinnacle of human principles. Lets believe in this change that can start today if you wish and trust in the man of tomorrow, that can start today.

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