lunes, agosto 10, 2009

Migration and Changes

This week I have been thinking about the wars that finally concluded with the freedom of the British and Spanish colonies in the so-called Americas. Nearly 250 years ago the United States started with their campaign against the British monarchy. Also in South America, exactly 200 years ago the first independence shout, so they say, was claimed.

My point here is the lack of overcoming that South America presents nowadays. The entire world have seen how North America has developed in the last century and how important has been their participation in the world events of the modern age. But in the other side, South America have stayed still, rotting between their fights for political power, blaming the world and the United States for all their problems. This is the evil consuming a vast continent with great possibilities. Only Brazil, maybe Argentina and Chile can say that they have tried to evolve into better countries. The root of South America problems comes when this false "politicians of change" come to promise a better life to the people of their countries in a way to gain more and more power. I hope we all know who this liars are.

The funny part of this is that when it comes to migration south americans always complain about the hard laws that other countries, specially europeans, have against migration. If we think back in time, did not we throw away these same people that now we look for. South America blames them for not letting their people get in their countries but I think they have forgotten that centuries ago we decided that we did not need them anymore. I hope people start thinking this over, the secret is not escaping to the troubles our countries have to face. Instead we have to look for solutions and choose wisely when the time to pick our leaders come since it is them who have the knowledge to take us back to the first world. Migration is not the solution. South America have to start the new change without these unscrupulous politicians that are only in search of power. But this change is not only in politics, we have to start thinking in our culture, our customs.

If we really want to believe in the change, then why don't we work for it?

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