viernes, agosto 07, 2009

Everyone's Truth

Is funny, yesterday I had the perfect picture about the things I wanted to do. Today I have nothing. It is really strange how human mind works. From day to day new ideas pass by, we take some of them and transform them into the truth we want to believe in that moment. Then a single second thought gets into your mind and what you believed was your truth becomes a blurry and obsolete passed idea. And when that happens our internal world collides and we wander inside our thoughts searching for a new truth.

I had my truth, or at least I believed I had it. Now a simple thought washed it away my mind. What happened, I asked myself. Well, I found out that I was not up to that idealistic thing that gave some reason to my life. The colors, the moral, the code, the rules. All of that, I was not able to follow. This idea of being above, of tryig to be better, it all fall down when I discovered I can not be better. And now I wander in my thoughts without a conviction to follow. I lost the track of the man of tomorrow. Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow? That is the question that wanders through my mind.

Is there a possibility that I could have a last glimpse of this amazing ideal? This vision of me being better, something that I desire. To leave behind anything that attaches me to the behaviours that I not longer wish to possess. I hope I can have that glimpse and find myself. I know that everytime I do something that goes against my ideal it is not actually me. I want to be myself. I want to find myself. Find what binds me to this world and the task I have. For now I can only say how happy I was everytime this truth of mine enlighted me. If I find it again and really hold it tight I know I will start becoming more and more a man of tomorrow which no matter what, will always be my dream.

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