martes, agosto 04, 2009

Did I had to say something?

Guayaquil is a very dangerous and violent city, but it was not until today that I actually had an experience that confirmed it actually is a crime-plagued town. Around 15:30 I was heading to the mall and that is when it happened.

I have to admit that it was a mistake to take a downtown bus to get to my destiny. With all the stories I have heard about robberies on public buses it was not the right choice to take one. Well certainly experience makes the master because avoiding the warnings, I took the bus. I got on the bus and sit in one of the last seats because I could not get one in the front part of the bus. I did not looked like having something of value but for today thugs that is not really important. Suddenly a guy sits next to me and I knew it did not looked good.

The guy quietly, trying to avoid been heard, asked if I had any money with me. I told him I only had a quarter but he did not believe me. Then he told me that his partner next to him had a gun so if I wanted to avoid a hole in my head I had to stay quiet and give him my cell phone. I could not actually tell if his partner had a gun or not, but I did not wanted to find out. So I could not avoid the robbery of my cell phone. The funny part is that this vile thugs made it look to the other passengers that they were friends of mine. Even funnier was the fact that after they took off with my phone the guy who was sitting in front of me asked if I was robbed.

I could not believe that it actually happened those two guys escaped with my things and they did not had to show their gun. It was as how we call it here in Ecuador a “smart theft”. What actually made me write this post was the reaction of the guy in front of me. He probably knew I was being robbed and he did not care about it. What does people need to react when thay have to? Is it that there does not exist anymore the kind of person that tries to give you a hand? Are we alone in this battle against crime, where violence and evil seems to be winning the bet? I do not want to believe it but maybe “every man for himself” is a fact to be taken serious. Well I would not believe this since there is nothing more valued than the help you bring to someone. So lets think it harder the next time someone needs us and say no to violence, crime and anarchy.

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