viernes, agosto 14, 2009

No Ideas

Lately I have been having one of those writers block. It have been extremely difficult to find a way to create new ideas. At the beginning when I started the blog I thought it would be easy to have a new idea everyday. I mean at least something to write about. I have managed to learn that it is actually quite difficult to have an idea for 360 consecutive days. Or is it possible? I expected that with practice my mind will start to create new ideas or things to write about, but it certainly have not happened.

How does great writers do it? Just think about the people that write stories for soap operas or TV series. I mean, they always need new ideas, and those new ideas have to become a credible script and they have to develop further stories that link to the previous ones. How do they do it? Is there a magical or mystical way that I am not aware of? Or is it that I do not possess the ability to write? This is something I really enjoy but I guess my mind has a lack of creativeness that only true writers develop and possess.

I wonder if this is a sign that I have to forget about my desire, my "dream", to become a professional writer. The ideas sometimes seem to be so far away, they stay as black blurs in my head, dazzling inside. Maybe I do not even have nothing to write about. It is hard when we have to face the reality and turn over the things we like to do just because we are not good at it. People tend to think that if we really like doing something then we are perfect for the task. I do not see it that way, since sometimes if we got no talent, then we are not good for the task and it does not matter if we really enjoy doing it.

My advice here will be to start thinking what we are good for and that we enjoy doing. And do not become passionate about something you like, because once in a while you will find out that you are not able to perform it.

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