miércoles, agosto 19, 2009

iDiscover Me

Am I supposed exactly the way I am? Sometimes I found it really difficult. But most of the time I fall into a infinite abyss of questions about the real me. Who am I supposed to be? The answer to this can solve any men lives. Although it can also destroy some, as in my case I being torn apparte in this constant battle of not knowing who is Jorge Poveda.

It gets more difficult as time goes on. After all when you have accomplished things it is harder to come back to the point where you had nothing and you could start all over again. Existentialism. What a word. Human beings are on the journey to discover who we are and where we are going. The purpose of many peoples life is blurry. I consider myself as a wanderer, a person that keeps wlaking again and again searching my purpose. Is it that every man needs a purpose or a goal in their life?

I do not the way I will find it. I do not even know if there is one. I hope there is one and I find it soon. I believe that this kind of things can also affect people that loves us. But sometimes it gets so hard. The mind is a mysterious force inside every one, in my case it drags me into a series of question that had made lose the confidence in myself and has made me a wanderer.

Can I find someday my path, my purpose? However I feel lucky to have lots of the only fuel that makes a man keep fighting, love.

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  1. It's seems you have found your path or something like that, reading this I remember a time when those ideas came to my mind over and over again.
    Finally I concluded that the most important thing at all it's life itself, and all I had to do is enjoy the fact that im alive, and now I want to see te world, to speak with much people as I can, to feel every sensation, make friends, take care of nature, everything.

    Suerte en todo.