viernes, agosto 14, 2009

Life University

I am going for a short post today. A wise man just taught me that when you are hoping to develop a new ability or tolerance to something the Life University puts in front of us the situations we need to practice and learn this tolerance to something. I think about that and I think it is true. How else can we develop an ability that by experience. When life puts an obstacle in our way, it is made for make us jump higher. I think it is a very good advice. The catch is that we identify the test and enjoy it. After all if we succeed then we will get a life degree. Maybe it does not sound as funny for you as it does for me but believe me it is funny ti think about it. I hope you enjoy the tests to come, it is very important that we take them with patience and humility. So lets enjoy lessons of the LIFE UNIVERSITY. I think I had a friend that was working on her class schedules.

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